Friday, September 25, 2009

biggER ThAN US. [part 1.]

As I mentioned previously there are many ways you can be involved in making our trip to Bolivia a success. Though it's really not even about us. It's about God and how we can be involved in something that is BiggER THAN us.
Over the next few weeks I will be inviting you to help in different aspects.

The first is:

Contact me, or any of the team members for further information.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Voyage to a Lovely Country with Lovely People

Next month I'll be going to Cochabamba, Bolivia. I anticipate a sweet return, fulfilling visits with friends from the past and some hard work helping share Jesus' love.
I'm blessed to be going with a TEAM, yeah God kinda orchestrated it better than I ever could have. I'm going to introduce them and share a little bit how I'm so excited to see God use each one of them:

Sara is my COUSIN!! She's also a nurse and one of the most dedicated independent Spanish studiers that I know. For a long time she's felt called to missions and has gone maaaaany times on mission trips. I'm excited for her to come with me and see Bolivia for many reasons, but mostly I'm so humbled to be the one who gets to show it to her. :)
Kim and I go wayyyy back. We've been friends since freshman year of highschool I think. But I believe if we had met earlier, we would've been friends ever since then too. Kim's a sweet girl. She has a ton of experience working with kids and teens. She's very creative and artsy and I'm excited to see that play into ministry and team dynamics. Not to mention the wisdom that she brings...David just happens to be Kim's brother. He recently spent some time in Europe on a summer mission with the Navigators. There are mostly boys in the homes that we'll be working with. So I'm very happy that David will be going and hanging out with the boys.

Sylvia and I work together. She's been a good teacher to me from day one. She also is a pray-er...and I hope to learn from her even more in that area especially since I don't do it near enough. Sylvia is a true bilingual person and I anticipate her being a huge help in translating, for all of us!! ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

visiting the past

In a way i just did just that.
I spent a few days in Chicago with my big sister and some former co-workers from BOLIVIA. I then took a short flight over to Ohio and spent the rest of the weekend at the county fair, and visiting friends and family there. It was incredible and so good for my homesick heart. Not that it's not still homesick...