Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Missing things…big and small.

Besides the obvious listing of friends and family--which I most definitely have missed, I thought I would share a few other things that you might not expect that your friends who live overseas might extrañar (miss)… 
  1. Christian radio! I love hearing a challenge and/or encouragement throughout the day as I've been in and out of the car a LOT!  
  2. Maná, Enrique Iglesias, and the waiter at the Mexican restaurant. Because it just makes my heart really happy to hear (and converse in) Spanish!
  3. Iced coffee, dark chocolate, and deli sandwiches.  My taste buds are awakened with the rich flavors
  4. My church. As much as I love Spanish, it has been sweet and refreshing to sing praise songs in English and hear teaching in my most comfortable language. Plus being here in the summer means that I can be around for natural summer get togethers and celebrations.
  5. The convenience of having a vehicle to use--and with a sunroof! A sweet couple from my church have lent me a vehicle while I'm in Ohio, and my Dad's been loaning me his extra truck while I've been in Texas. 
  6. Nature! Lightning bugs, soft green grass, lots of rainy days and cool grey clouds…however, the mosquito welcoming committee has not actually been a favorite of mine. 
 Of course I miss other stuff too, but it's been fun to notice the little things that just make each day a little happier--in a superficial kind of way in many of the instances… I hope this somehow inspires you to enjoy the little things with a little different perspective!