Sunday, March 1, 2015

Symbol≠Substitute [A reminder of our good Father]

A few weeks ago a friend and I went out to see the boys from the orphanage that I used to work out. We showed up the same time as a father who was there to visit his boys. He was clean cut and dressed casually but nice. He comes once a week to visit and is working on paperwork to get his sons back after a few altercations, I later learned. One son was away at a party but the tías told the son that was present that his father was there to visit to go outside where his dad was waiting. He went out and came back in at which time the tías sent him back out. I went out a bit later to look for one of the other boys as I approached the back yard I hear laughing from a little boy and a man. I got there to find the son with two friends sitting at the edge of the field playing a game on a phone while another little boy (not the son) was playing with the father. The little boy was laughing hysterically and the dad was so good with him. Then they would take a little break and the father would come over and plead with his son to come play with him. The son would say "later, later…" and the father would remind him that he only can come once a week, and he's not going to bring his phone anymore because he only wants to play with that and not him. He then went back to play with the other little boy and I tried to reason with the son, asking him why he didn't want to play and how his dad might feel. He kept playing his game until the battery died and the dad took it back. Later the dad helped him fix his legos and with another game then they went on a walk to get ice cream.

 I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted to blame technology, or the kid's attitude until it was like the Lord said to me "you are just like that too!". Ohhhh, right. I thought as my stomach sank. How often does the Lord want to spend time with me, gives me sleepless nights, or beautiful scenery, or great experiences, or lonely moments, and how do I respond? Kinda like the little boy. O sure, He gives us lots of great things to enjoy, but enjoying the creation isn't the same as enjoying The Creator. And basking in the benefits of a love relationship isn't the same as knowing The Love-r. Even though He gives me good things to enjoy, it's not a substitute for time with Him. It's not technology or business that's to blame it's ME. It's my choices, my stubbornness and laziness. But boy am I ever thankful for a Father that continues to pursue me. Continues to love me. And continues to be good.