Saturday, November 22, 2014

Navidad all over Bolivia

If you're looking for different ways to share this Christmas I want to share a few that I think are worthwhile:

1. Navidad en Bolivia. This is a program we started a few years back to help an after school support with at risk students. They majority come from indigenous backgrounds and have parents that hardly speak Spanish.  They struggle in school and a few friends of mine from the States, Canada and Bolivia dedicate themselves every afternoon to helping catch them up as well as teach them about the Lord. Here's a sample screenshot of the site-you have got to check out this artwork!  For $16 you can provide a Christmas gift for one of these talented children.
2.  Sponsor (part of) a team! We are taking a trip back out to Potosí!  Lord willing we will have a team comprised mostly of Bolivians, with potentially a few from the USA (including my sister(s) and a friend!).  We appreciate your prayers, and if you are interested in sponsoring one of these young people with a heart to serve in the mountains for a week of their Christmas break, you will be a part of blessing their lives as well as the kiddos and families we will get the opportunities to meet.  Here's the team site that includes some info about what we do and the teams we've had in the past (including some of their experiences).

3.  Donate items.  Resources for activities to do with the kiddos. (Last year we took a Parachute that was donated to the clown that went with us that year) and the kids LOVED it!  Other good practical gifts are: small toys, pencils, coloring books, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mittens, socks, lotion, etc. I also recently saw some Child Evangelism Fellowship picture books that make the stories more vivid for the kiddos.  A lot of these things we can buy here (Except the books and parachute, I think), so let me know if you prefer to send money and we can buy it here to save from the hassle of shipping etc.  I'll be happy to send pictures back to you! :)