Thursday, December 27, 2007


So I just learned that I have the base amount of support that I need to go to Bolivia!!! Yay!! (Not counting a small amount that I'll need for transportation). I just HAD to let you know!! I'm so humbled by everyone's gracious giving! As I told my pastor, I feel so unworthy [to have this amazing opportunity and such amazing people supporting me], but then I remember that this is all about God and He does deserve the best we have to give. So thank you ALL who have supported the ministry with the International Orphanage Union, The Timmers and Me in Bolivia both financially and prayerfully!

This is a verse I like to dedicate to you all:

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you,

always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all,

in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:3-6

Happy NEW YEAR!! Hope it's one of trying new things, learning new things...and maybe even going new places!! :) Love you all!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Feliz Navidad, Y'all!!

Today is Christmas Eve. Though, it still doesn't really feel like it. I worked today at TSC, like my favorite job ever!! Rachel arrived this afternoon she drove here with only a few stops and delays along the way.
Yesterday my Dad's brother and sister and their families came over to celebrate the holiday. I think I've said it before but it is SOOO nice to have family around. While, I'll miss the rest of the family who we always celebrated Christmas with growing up, it was nice to see some other family that we didn't see as much before we moved here.
As I was sitting in church tonight listening to some great Christmas music on the Cello, I was reflecting on the meaning of the season, and I felt kind of sad, first to think that Christmas has almost passed me by without me really thinking about it, but second that sometimes I spend more time doing "Christmassy" things, without really remembering why we as Christians really celebrate this holiday. then I was thinking about how last year my little niece Sadie was born right before Christmas, and I remember feeling like I maybe understood even less how God could've let His little boy come here, yet because of His great love He send his own precious, perfect little boy as a vulnerable baby to grow up in this crazy world just to save us crazy people. And Mary....Mary knowing she was going to give birth to Jesus, but all along quite possibly thinking that He would grow up to be more of a King... Not a man who was rejected, mocked and ultimately killed by those He came to redeem. Just another example of how God works in mysterious ways.
So yeah, that's my non-theologically-trained understanding of Christmas...for now.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mom's Birthday and update on life in general

Sooo, Sunday is Mom's birthday. She'll be 27!! *I know it's rude to tell a lady's age*, but I think it's okay this time! :) I think we'll try to do something great for her since she's the best mom in the WHOLE WORLD!! (I can't tell any more 'cuz she'll probably read this!...I'll have to tell you next time!)

This week I worked kind of a lot. It was okay though. Next week I work even more. Now if I only had time to go birthday and Christmas shopping... *sigh*. The department store is a little boring...or a lot, I'm not gonna lie. I work in the shoe department, and it's just not that exciting. I think I'll be happy when it's over. :) Now, my job at TSC is GREAT!! I LOVE it! My boss is so good, the management and basically everyone there is pretty cool. They're fun, and NICE! It's a much better job. Today at lunch time I was walking down the sidewalk to get some fresh air and run some errands and I was thanking God for being SO GOOD! Sometimes I just don't get it. Why is He so nice to us? I don't really know, but He is, and it makes me happy! :) And even when it seems like all is falling apart He's still faithful.

I pretty much like our church. There's a college and career class but there's only like 5 of us (counting me and Jon!) We hang out with the youth group sometimes. That's kind of weird, but mostly only when they ask how old I am. I have to make sure to tell them that I'm not still IN high school! Wednesday I got to talk to the youth group and sponsors about my trip. It went well (I think). The youth pastor told me that I had the WHOLE TIME to talk. It was kind of scary thinking that I had to talk for that long (1/2 hour). But I did it without too much of a problem. Huh, imagine that! I guess I'm my father's daughter after all! (Once you get him started on something he's excited about he could talk forever!! If you don't believe me ask him about his mission trips to Mexico!) Speaking of...He went to Mexico last weekend to do a survey trip for the spring trip down to Saltillo. So if you're interested in a good short term mission trip... (hint, hint!) It will change your life. I promise!

I still haven't found a car. Or sold mine. So keep praying (especially for the sale of mine!) I work pretty close to the church, Jenny's school, Bizzy and Bekah's respective workplaces so it's normally not too bad finding a ride, and I can walk to Bizzy's place or the church. (or my other job). But I'd really like to sell my car before I leave. I just don't need to be paying insurance on it for a year while it's sitting around.

I just finished the book From Foreign to Familiar about different cultural differences. But all cultures are basically grouped in one of two categories. Hot and Cold climate (relationship vs. task oriented.) I learned a lot. Even about inter-familial (is that a word?) relationships.
And on a side note I LOVE my little siblings. Coming from a big family was one of the best things God could have given me. There is absolutely nothing like coming home after a 10 (or 13) hour workday and having three little boys yelling your name across the parking lot because they're so happy to see you! I LOVE it!! :)

One of the coolest things I did this week was on Tuesday night they do a thing here called Blue Santa (I never heard of it 'til like 2 weeks ago). Basically they collect a bunch of toys for kids who otherwise wouldn't get stuff (maybe kinda like Angel Tree). So volunteers come and get names of kids and pick out of piles of toys 3 things for each kid, then we wrap the presents and the Blue Santa people deliver them. So Jenny and I went with the Youth Group and did that. It felt so good to do something for someone else. It was a good time. :)

YEah...I talk A LOT!! If you made it through all of this Thanks! You're a good friend!! :)

I have an unspoken prayer request about some logistical stuff that needs resolved before I leave... umm, yeah. I'll leave it at that. God knows! Someday I can let you know how He answered!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Jobs

I feel like things are changing all the time (so frustrating at times!), so I might as well keep you updated.

Okay, first off, I will not deny that moving cross country is an adjustment. it's kind of a HUGE adjustment. Mainly just not having any friends here (besides my wonderful family). But I am meeting some people and church and work. Plus, my Aunt and Uncle just moved to San Antonio with their two little ones. They're still family but not quite so immediate (if you know what I mean)! It was so nice to get to see them! We went to the museum last week with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle and her parents. It made my day!

Second: work is challenging. I had forgotten how tricky it was getting a job. It wasn't so much getting a job, but getting one that fit me. I worked at IHOP for a week and was pretty disappointed with the hours, the really low pay (I'd make like $12 in tips and work three hours before they sent me home because it was so slow). So I began praying for a better job with more...shall I say...uplifting co-workers. (I can't really handle too much yelling, complaining, and gossiping.) So the day I began sincerely praying for a better job TSC called on Friday(I had interviewed with them the week before and they wanted someone more long-term) and said they wanted me to come work there even if I could only work there until February. So I was very happy. They were so nice and flexible. The manager's dad was actually a baptist pastor! Then a local department store called me back on Saturday-after I quit at IHOP-to see if I could still come work for them a few evenings a week. So all that to say that I'm in training again. Hopefully this works out a little better!

Bizzy and I are car shopping. It'll be her car but I'll drive it until I leave. Think we might get a JEEP!! I've always wanted a jeep. :) I'll keep you posted.

I'm at about 53% of my support! Woohoo. Sunday night I went with my parents, Jon, Bekah, and Bizzy to the annual Christmas/Missions banquet. It was so inspiring. I just wanted to leave right away! Here's a REALLY good song that I rediscovered there. (or you can copy and paste this link) Both songs are good but my current favorite is "Our heart". Enjoy! :)
I'm currently reading a book about Elizabeth Elliot's first year as a missionary. She was a single woman working in Ecuador doing translation with the Colorado Indians up in the mountains. It's pretty interesting stuff. (And can I just say that I hope I don't ever have to do an autopsy on a dead man?!) This is a quote I read today that she wrote right after her language partner was murdered. She was so deeply distraught and felt as though her work was finished. She couldn't understand how God could take away her only language partner. As she struggled with the truth that God had a sovereign plan she wrote, "Faith's most severe tests come not when we see nothing, but when we see a stunning array of evidence that seems to prove our faith vain." Whoa. The book is basically her journal chronicling struggles, experiences and challenges from her first year as a missionary. I imagine that 'though raising support, surrendering to God's call, trusting Him to provide finances and the way for me to finish up things here in the USA provides many tests of faith, I know that once I get there I will quite possibly be faced with more numerous and more intense struggles. I prayed to have more faith, so here we go! I very much appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support that you have continually showed. You guys give me plenty of reasons to be thankful!! Love you!