Tuesday, August 10, 2010

moving right along

So this info isn't confidential, I just haven't gotten around to writing an update. Brace yourselves:

I'm moving...to Michigan...for Bible School...this Sunday!!
My last day of work is this Thursday and I am so grateful for the lessons learned there. I've learned a lot, grown a lot and enjoyed it-even though there were bad days too! We've settled into a normalcy of sorts. I think with good limits. We have fun together and I learn a lot from them. I've really enjoyed watching them learn and grow.
We've been having lots of fun as a family. (All of my siblings live here, minus my sister Bizzy who lives in Ohio.) We got a pool pass and have been out having fun at a friends house with a four wheeler and dad's dirtbike. I joked that I'll be a better missionary someday for being able to drive a dirtbike!! (They use them a lot overseas).
I just celebrated my 25th birthday. So needless to say I feel a little funny starting all over again at school, but God's faithful and sometimes He tells us to do things that don't seem to make sense.
Here's the plan:
Lord willing, I'll leave Seguin, Texas on Sunday night (Yes...this Sunday). My sisters Katie, Bek and Jen will ride up to Ohio with me. we'll be in Ohio a few days then they will fly back to Texas and I will drive up to Michigan move in, get orientated and start school the 23rd of August.
I'll be attending New Tribes Bible Institute (http://ntbi.org/). I actually visited this school many years ago (2004?), and at that time it didn't work out to go there. It's in Jackson Michigan and I know NO ONE who goes there, but I do know a lot of really neat missionaries (overseas and stateside) who went there.
Leaving is bittersweet. I guess I was starting to settle in here! It's never easy to leave family. And MICHIGAN...?! Haha! I would have to go to the rival state! ;) I feel a peace though that this is what God wants for me right now. It is so easy for me to make up excuses as to why I can't go, why I should do something else, or why maybe I should wait...but I know that God's been calling me to do something else, and I've known for a long time that missions was something that I felt especially drawn to. So I think I need to be preparing myself to follow Him and serve Him in a fuller capacity that I'm currently prepared for. So I'm going to go study the Bible, hopefully find some good friends on a similiar journey, and follow God to the end of the earth should He call me there...
You can continue to follow my blog, or facebook and I will try to keep you updated as I settle in. I'm also hoping to continue plans to take a team to Bolivia over Christmas break. Let me know if you're interested!!
Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement.

Lessons learned as a surrogate soccer mom

I guess working with kids helps you understand your relationship with God a little bit better. Example, I usually know what's going to happen throughout the day and what needs to happen when and coordinate for everything to flow smoothly. Sometimes the boys don't really get that and have a hard time following directions for that very reason. (Translation: God sees the big picture and we don't, that's why sometimes what He calls us to do doesn't make sense.)

Second, I hear a LOT of whining. About everything! Consequences for bad decisions, having to go outside, having to stay inside, what's on the menu, having to wake up early, being bored, etc. (the list goes on and on...and on...!). When I was reading in my Bible about the Israelites it reminded me a lot of my kids. Then when I thought about it I realized that I do the same thing to God way more often than I would like to admit.

Lesson Three:
Even though it's happens to be that I get paid for spending time with these kids, trying to teach manners, character and social skills, I also deeply care about each one of them and want them to succeed. That's why I put so much effort into it. I want to protect them from evil people, and poor decisions. I pray that they become Men of God and give back to their people and communities. Last week I gathered a few siblings and friends and we went to see they boys play in their first league soccer game ( I toldmy co-workers that we are kind of like "soccer Moms" now!). They were surprised that I came out (since I wasn't working), but I tried to explain to them that it meant a lot to me to see them finally getting to do what they had worked so hard for. It's because I'm not about making their lives harder or giving them rules just to make my life easier. I do what I do because I want to help them grow and learn and do well. That's kind of an earthly summary of God's deep love for us--except He is perfect, so it's even better for us!

I really like it when these boys are happy. I laugh when they're crazy, we goof around when appropriate, and it just makes me really happy when they are doing well and feel good. On the other hand, when they're upset I feel for them. I try to empathize even though we don't have a whole lot in common. That's who Jesus is for us. A high priest who CAN feel what we feel because he went through what we go through. God sent him as a comforter for us to be with us.