Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What would Mom do?

Since September I've been caregiver/nanny/babysitter to two active boys age 6 & 10 (the youngest will be 7 next month). I often rack my brain trying to remember some of my Mom's parenting techniques since she spent the most time with us...I usually can't remember or I say the very thing that I always hated it when she said! (Like, "just ignore him", "find something else to do", "go play outside", or "I'm setting the timer. Find a book and read quietly until it goes off"--this one is kind of a lifesaver!). She was the master of redirecting us, thinking of something fun & creative to do, and correcting our inappropriate behavior--yes that happened frequently. I feel like she did such a nice job of communicating with us and respecting us. She never was demeaning or mean spirited towards us . I pray for wisdom to be a good teacher and encourage these cool boys to become great men someday.
So last week was spring break and I was on my own with these two kiddos for 9 hours a day--they really are great boys. Pretty well behaved, they listen to me usually though on a consistent--but not frequent-basis need redirected or corrected. After a few hours though, I found myself looking at the clock and asking myself what on earth I was going to do with them for the next seven hours! We made it though and I even thought it was a super fun week. Here's what we did:
Made, played with and ate edible play doh (this is my handiwork. An anteater and a little boy)
painted readymade birdhouses

made pigs in a blanket for breakfast
played games
went to the library to get movies (PG rated movies are kinda hard to come by these days...)
took a tour of the Jiffy plant (accidentally found that when i got lost on the way to the dentist)
got hot chocolate on a rainy day
went on errands (grocery store, post office, etc. Sometimes it's just nice to get out).
Read together--and separately.

All in all, I enjoyed playing mom for a few days! I work for a really great family that pretty much lets me have freedom to do what I want with the boys. I really like them and they seem to like me too. It's an ideal work environment! :) (Plus I get paid to play!)
Here are some pictures because I respect the privacy of the family you'll not see the boys' faces, but you can get an idea of how much fun we have! ;)

Oh, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM...a little bit early!