Thursday, October 22, 2009

soon and very soon

Dear Faithful Pray-ers,
Greetings from the peaceful Polcyn House. (This is about the only time it is that way--at 12:30 a.m!). I trust this finds you well.

Saturday morning I will leaving-along with my lovely team- to Cochabamba, Bolivia. God has been so gracious, and His people so generous throughout this adventure we often dread called: Support Raising. While I did not need to raise any funds my team (of four--see my blog) needed to raise a pretty big amount of money. But we also received many toys and gifts for the people in Bolivia (kids, ministries and families), as well as many commitments by you all to be praying for us. We are encouraged and very excited to be representing you in BOLIVIA!

I will be updating my blog while we are gone with pictures and brief updates. I encourage you to check it regularly (even now there are updates).

I ask that you be praying with us for traveling mercies, smooth visits with customs officials, and safe arrivals of all of our precious cargo. ;) Packing has been quite the process...!

Also for the next week you can continue to pray for traveling mercies, boundless energy, and broken hearts that are willing to learn.

I can never thank you enough for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Con mucho amor:
Hermana Kristina

Friday, October 9, 2009

Navidad en Bolivia 2009

Dear Friends,

You may remember Navided en Bolivia 2008, where over $3000 was raised to bless kids, families and ministries in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Well, Navidad en Bolivia in 2009 is bigger, better and back with a website!! Adrian Nickols, my previous Australian co-worker, has organized the project this year and we have dreamed big. Last year we had to expand the project twice because you all responded so generously.

"This year we have over 220 sponsorships, and will attempt to raise over $8000 for practical needs found within 7 God-focused ministries in Bolivia. These needs include a passenger van, a data projector, internet access, baby formula, funding to establish a new ministry, personalised Christmas gifts for 50 children, and much, much more!!"

Please check out the website:

Then e-mail me with your desired sponsorships. Until we get a better process, all sponsorships I will first need to b approved by Adrian (so we aren't doubling up). Then once your sponsorship is approved, you can send a check to me. I will be going to Bolivia in 2 weeks and will take all the money that we have raised thus far to deliver to the sponsored ministries. So it will be helpful to have as many sponsorships as possible committed before then. We will use and alternate method to send the rest of the money that comes after November.

We are limiting the individual child sponsorships to one per sponsor, and ask that if you want to give more money that you look for a bigger project so everything gets sponsored. 100% of the funds you donate goes directly to your sponsored item.

Thank you so much for your support.
God's richest blessings.