Friday, August 5, 2011

On living like a nomad

First of all, I can't believe it's August. Lots of changes coming up and I'm just not too sure I'm ready for that.
I've decided to stick around San Antonio this year. This means that I won't be going back to NTBI. This was a very hard decision. I loved studying the word of God under the professors there. I loved my roomates and the crisp fall weather and the awesome family that I babysat for. I loved being only 3 hours from Ohio or Chicago. Okay, so maybe I was a little spoiled! ;) But I feel very sure that God has led me to where I am right now.
In case you didn't catch it somewhere along the way, I absolutely LOVE my job, I just found out that I'm moving to a different position in about two and a half weeks at my same job. Let's just say I was a little surprised to be chosen! Feels a little bittersweet-although I'll be working with the same people just in a different capacity.
As I was reminiscing the other day as I was reflecting on the past year which really has felt like a whirlwind I thought of all the good things I've experienced and maybe worried a little bit that maybe this new phase will be very different. I know there will be times when I miss Michigan, or the work that I'm currently doing...but that's part of life. We take risks when we feel God's pushing us along to something else. Staying the same would be compromise. Moving along before He leads would be foolish. So I try to make sure I'm following His lead and giving my best.
Maybe I'll be less of a nomad now. I pretty much have always had a duffel bag close by ready to spend the night at my sister's, brother's, cousin's, uncle's, friend's...etc. It's been a fun way to get to spend time with friends and I've been so blessed by their hospitality. From mac'n'cheese, to homemade chinese food, to leftovers and fancy dinners out; uno games, storytime before bedtime with adorable kids to heart to heart talks with old friends over a cup of tea, etc. I've been so encouraged and overwhelmed by the kindness of friends. Hopefully someday I'll get to repay the favor...!
Now I'll also have some extra time to prepare for the 5K which I'm organizing to support hermano Jorge & hermano Waldo. If you're in the San Antonio/Austin vicinity you should totally check it out... September 24 is the big day. (Aren't these the cutest little llamas you've ever seen?! Many thanks to Tee G!)