Sunday, December 11, 2011

Special needs this Navidad

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know some practical ways to help overseas this Christmas. I know I may seem a little biased, but there is sooo much going on in Bolivia that I want to tell you about!
Previously we have done Navidad en Bolivia where we do a Christmas sponsorship program for kids in different ministries in Bolivia to ensure that they receive presents--and also to help with some bigger needs of the ministries. We were unable to complete that due to circumstances in the lives of all of us in leadership of NEB that made it impossible to pull together. However, we have still been in touch with the organizations and would still love to help them, even though not officially through NEB this year. Here are just a couple...

Pequeno David is a boys home that is a shelter for boys who have been abandoned, orphaned or taken away from their families. They sometimes are able to be reunified with families when the parents are able to complete the necessary requirements to prove that they will be able to care for their children adequately. They have asked for shoes, and soccer uniforms for the boys this year. Estimated would be around $20 USD/per child. There are currently 16 boys.

Red Vida de Esperanza is a mission that works with schools, communities, and churches throughout rural Potosi and Chuquisaca Bolivia. Doctor Jorge who leads RVE mentioned to me that they have an increasing number of indigenous people that come to the city for medical care. They do not have enough money to pay for the services needed so Jorge said that many times they have to turn the people away. He stated that they would like to have an emergency medical expenses fund for these patients.

Centro de Apoyo y Amistad: This is an after school program that offers tutoring and classes to help kids in poor communities to catch up on homework, and compensate for where they might be falling behind. The Center also provides a nutritious snack and gives support to the families of these students and most importantly, shares the love of Christ with them. The Center has recently purchased some land and is in need of funds to complete the construction of their building as they are currently temporarily meeting in a school. To completely finish the project they are in need of $16,000 USD.

Casa de Amor: This is an orphanage that has 3 homes in the city. They have their own therapists, social workers and loving staff that work with these kids. It really is a neat place. They have identified needs for disposable diapers that they use for outings with the babies to be $50/month. They also have a blind girl who needs to attend therapy and different medical appointments. The cost for her care is $100 USD/month.

If you are interested in helping please let me know. Most of these organizations are led by Bolivians, however, several of these organizations have online giving available which will allow you to get a tax-exempt receipt for your tax purposes. Any donation is greatly appreciated--and with your donation I will send you a special thank you picture! :) Oh and I can also deliver monetary contributions directly when I go to Bolivia in THREE WEEKS!