Monday, August 3, 2015

Three more days...means it's practically over.

You can tell that I'm basically an optimist!  By the time I leave I will have been home for exactly 2 months (not counting 2 days of travel).  It's been a rich time, and a joy to celebrate graduation of Michelle, wedding of Bizzy & Nick (see the poem I wrote for N&B here…although I've NEVER claimed to be any kind of writer), adoption of Zac, and lots of other fun family & friend moments.
Nick & Bizzy got married on June 19. 

Zac officially joined our family through adoption on July 9 after 412 days in foster care. 

Michelle graduated June 6. 

AND, my support is officially now at 25%!!! If you're still wanting to send in money you can find more information here: my account #20108. 

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